I just saw the latest Fringe episode (I had a busy weekend because my brother graduated YAY, more of that maybe later!) and THERE WERE SO MANY CREYS INVOLVED. FOX DO NOT CANCEL OUR LOVELY LITTLE WEIRD SHOW BECAUSE I CANNOT WITH THESE FEELINGS.

Anyway, I’m so happy that partner-in-Fringe-events¬†Melo¬†is helping me with my covers! Her caps are so awesome and sharp and OMGWTFBBQ can I order the blu-ray discs now too? I’ll be redoing most of the covers and will be doing some more! Here are some hi-res samples of things to come!

I actually did a #fightthefuture poster for it but by then everyone has seen the episode so it was really late, but it looks great as a bookend to The Arrival cover I did.